02 August 2005

All Nations Cup: Grass-Roots Soccer Culture

If you're not in the Puget Sound area, you're missing out on one of the best little sporting events around. The All Nations Cup (formerly called World Cup Seattle, presumably until FIFA got wind of the name royalties they were missing out on...) just concluded with the USA beating Brazil 1-0 (in the second overtime!) in the final, and Mexico trouncing Iraq 6-2 in the consolation match. What's so great about this? The teams are from local ethic communities, between games the communities put on cultural music/dance/art presentations, and the crowds are fantastic. During the Mexico-Bosnia final, I found myself amid the rowdy Bosnian fans. Shouting expletives at the ref for every call against their team may not make for the most family friendly atmosphere, but you've got to admire their spirit. And next year, the organizers promise to include some women's teams as well. Viva futbol!

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