09 August 2005

Buzzcuts, Not Bombs

I'm so proud or my barber. The AP has a report this morning on the protests at the submarine base in Bangor, Washington. I'm not an active protester, though I admire those who are. And among the ranks of those protesting was a group that walked 300 miles to Bangor from the other major nuclear icon in Washington State: the Hanford nuclear reservation. Among that group was, you guessed it, my barber.

As with any facet of life, nothing brings it home like having a personal connection. My barber, who is deeply engaged in the philosophy and action of nonviolence, closed his shop in downtown Olympia for the duration of the walk. He could be earning money, but he made this protest his priority. I don't know whether he was among those arrested. Interested in finding out more? Check out the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action.

I'll know more when he returns and opens his shop. And I hope it's soon; I'm looking a little shaggy. In the meantime, his actions are making me ponder the things I'm devoted to. For what cause would I forsake income? Am I walking my talk? Are you?

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