07 August 2005

Celebrating Ibrahim Ferrer

On July 23, Ibrahim Ferrer was on tour in the UK, and a concert review concluded that "Ibrahim Ferrer now has the recognition he deserves from the music industry." Ferrer died yesterday after returning to Cuba from his tour.

After being nearly forgotten until his musical resurrection at the hands of Ry Cooder and Wim Wenders in the Buena Vista Social Club, Ferrer was hitting his stride at the age of 78. I'm grateful that we have several new recordings to preserve Ferrer's artistry. And of course, Cuba still boasts some of the finest musicians on the planet, from other members of BVSC to younger hiphop groups like Orishas and a multitude between. Any favorites?

Check out the American Routes interview with Ferrer from 2003 (RealAudio format).

Ibrahim Ferrer's Discography

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