12 August 2005

Just call me Shekwan, the Calypso Hunter...

I didn't intend to get a new name when I went looking for calypso info on the Web. But what I found was that I was being kept down by The Man, and what I really needed was a boost from The Louis Farrakhan African Name Generator. DJ Earball is no more: I shall henceforth be known to my brothers and sisters as Shekwan (at least for the rest of today).

Wondering how this relates to calypso music? Well, before he became the brash, articulate leader of the Nation of Islam, Mr. Farrakhan was better known as the calypso singer "The Charmer" - read more about his early career here.

Of course, he wasn't the only one getting into the act. Before becoming a beloved poet and author, Maya Angelou also recorded a calypso album ("Miss Calypso") and had a role in the steaming-sounding movie Calypso Heatwave. How deep does this calypso rabbit hole go??

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