14 August 2005

Masekela, Gumboots, and World Music Films

Oh my goodness, Hugh Masekela rocks! Made it up to the Triple Door for his show last week, and I've never seen often stiff Seattle jazz-venue fans so animated. Decades of performing have honed his act, and his horn playing was almost as fantastic as his vocals. May he go for another 40 years!

As if that wasn't enough South African culture for one week, also saw the fantastic film of the traveling stage show "Gumboots" and the accompanying documentary. If you haven't see it, do. I've been meaning to put together a list of my favorite world-music films, and this may just be the inspiration I need.

Okay, actually I think it will be two lists.
1) Feature films with great world-music soundtracks.
2) World music & dance concert/tour/history/profile films.


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