08 August 2005

Monday's mp3: Acoustic dance beats from Horace X

Monday's mp3: a new SoundRoots feature highlighting music we like, often of a multicultural persuasion.

Since Horace X's last album Sackbutt (see review) I have waited to no avail to see them live. Placating my hunger, at least a bit, comes this new CD. A little less dayglo, and somewhat less wonderfully startling to my ears, Strategy nonetheless contains the essential Horace X elements: high energy, rapid-fire Jamaican-style vocals, and a wall of dance-beat sounds made by acoustic instruments. My affection for this band stems from the latter: particularly Hazel Fairbairn's fiddling and Pete Newman's reeds along with Simon Twitchin's irrepressible vocals, Fabian Bonner's bass, and Mark Russell's drums (and, as the credits note, "everything else"). "She Want" is the most fun song about sex in recent memory. Much of the rest of the album is pleasantly buoyant, if not as groundbreaking as Sackbutt. The standout tune is the title track, "Strategy," on which the band lays out some positive philosophy: "Earth can be a paradise if we realy desire / ... we need de wisdom an compassion an humility / .. so to help each other that could be our strategy." While I still crave a live show, this track along will keep me going for a while yet.

Monday's Mp3: Horace X: "Strategy"
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