29 August 2005

Monday's mp3: Nigerian Roots Hiphop = Fuji Satisfaction

Bantu featuring Ayuba: Fuji Satisfaction | Soundclash in Lagos (Piranha)
It seems so obvious. Nigerian Fuji music is a return to the vocals and rhythms of traditional Yoruba roots. Hiphop is similiarly stripped-down beats and chants. Why a happy marriage between the two took so long is a mystery, but Adé Bantu and Adewale Ayuba have joined them and you can expect to see little Fujihop offspring any day now. And this is a great CD to seduce your hiphop-loving friends into trying out African music.
fuji satisfaction
Born in Lagos and living in Cologne, Bantu has a deep understanding of both Nigerian and Western musical cultures. Over the bubbling Fuji drums he superimposes not only rapping, but also reggae and Afrobeat touches. The result is a soundtrack for modern Africa, and Bantu stands out as an innovator amid the masses of African imitators of Western hiphop. On this song, Bantu comments "Hiphop culture has reached a turning point, it has lots its values and OD'd on its own supply of negativity. Where do we go from here?"

Monday's mp3: Bantu feat. Ayuba: "How Real (Can A Real, Real Be)"

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Anonymous said...

A good sound, and interesting for those of us into fuji and West African fusion.. but the next big West African urban sound to break out of the continent?

I feel that fuji is maybe too localized a style to really make it big outside of Nigeria and pockets of the UK. But maybe it's better that way?

Either way, Ayuba's vocals are great and always bring back memories of fast, smoky and fun okada rides.

Matt of benn loxo

SpinTheGlobe said...

Well, I don't know if it's the next big thing, but the sound really jumped out at me as distinct and fresh, and the English language content and hiphop touches make it much more accessible to those not already immersed in West African music. It'll be interesting to see if other groups pick up this mix, or if it's a one-time thing.

dj earball