29 August 2005

Monday's mp3: Nigerian Roots Hiphop = Fuji Satisfaction

Bantu featuring Ayuba: Fuji Satisfaction | Soundclash in Lagos (Piranha)
It seems so obvious. Nigerian Fuji music is a return to the vocals and rhythms of traditional Yoruba roots. Hiphop is similiarly stripped-down beats and chants. Why a happy marriage between the two took so long is a mystery, but Adé Bantu and Adewale Ayuba have joined them and you can expect to see little Fujihop offspring any day now. And this is a great CD to seduce your hiphop-loving friends into trying out African music.
fuji satisfaction
Born in Lagos and living in Cologne, Bantu has a deep understanding of both Nigerian and Western musical cultures. Over the bubbling Fuji drums he superimposes not only rapping, but also reggae and Afrobeat touches. The result is a soundtrack for modern Africa, and Bantu stands out as an innovator amid the masses of African imitators of Western hiphop. On this song, Bantu comments "Hiphop culture has reached a turning point, it has lots its values and OD'd on its own supply of negativity. Where do we go from here?"

Monday's mp3: Bantu feat. Ayuba: "How Real (Can A Real, Real Be)"

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