11 August 2005

What's in a (CD) name?

Prompted by a posting at Benn loxo du taccu, I pose this question: Have you ever bought an unknown CD just because of the artist's name, or the CD cover?

Myself, I'll have to think about that. One that comes to mind is Shael Sick Brass Band's Majnoun. You could guess from the name that the band is German. The cover also shows a faint line of what appears to be Arabic, and an illustration of an outrigger boat of Africans and their musical instruments. Not surprisingly, it turns out the music is just as wonderfully multicultural.

And for simple band photos, I'd go with the recent self-titled release by Svang - which shows the Finnish harmonica quartet seated on a bench, sepia toned. Perfectly in tune with the mood of their music.

What world music CDs have caught your eye, for the band name or illustration?

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