26 September 2005

Monday's mp3: African Show Boyz - music & magic from Ghana

The African Show Boyz area group of brothers from Binaba, a tiny village in the northeast region of Ghana. They got their start as street performers, playing homemade calabash gourd instruments, singing, and performing magic tricks. Along the way they caught the ear of drum master Babatunde Olatunji, who became something of a patron for them. They're also deeply into reggae/rasta culture, sprinkling their live performances with references to Jah and covers of Bob Marley tunes. (Their first CD Spiritual Song includes covers of "Redemption Song" and "Three Little Birds.") This track, a tribute to Olatunjui, is from their most recent CD, Brothers Bold, which they are currently supporting by touring with Karl Denson's Tiny Universe.

Monday's mp3: African Show Boyz: "Babatunde Olatunji"

USA tour schedule:
9/27 - Bellingham, WA www.nightlightlounge.com
9/28 - Seattle, WA www.chopsuey.com
9/29 - Ketchum, ID
9/30 - Denver, CO www.gothictheatre.com
10/1 - Salt Lake, NV www.portocall.com
10/2 - Las Vegas, NV www.hob.com
10/7 - Sedona, AZ www.globalchangemusic.org
10/8 - Bisbee, AZ Kilimanjaro
10/9 - Flagstaff, AZ www.orpheumpresents.com
10/11 - Tuscon, AZ Rialto Theatre
10/13 - Santa Cruz, CA Don Quixotes
10/16 - Joshua Tree, CA Festival
10/20-22 - San Diego, CA workshops
10/23 - San Diego, CA World Beat Center

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