27 October 2005

Blown Away by Orange Winds (CD review)

Orange Winds: Dahab Walk
(bibiafrica) | artist site

Nuremberg. Just the word, and you're already thinking of the war crimes trials, aren't you. Well, get over it. There's more to this Bavarian city than the ghosts of Nazis. Lots more. And while it may not be the hottest thing since a little publication by Copernicus in 1543, Orange Winds' new CD Dahab Walk has a lot going for it. The trio (Andrea Goettert and Achim Goettert on horns, Charles Blackledge on percussion) makes a loud, joyous noise, one that will appeal to fans of jazz and world music.

A theme of winds blows them from Africa to the Caribbean to Mexico to Asia. All the way the reeds and flutes (including some guest fluting by Dieter Weberpals) create catchy melodies that dance lightly over Blackledge's deft world percussion. This stripped-down world jazz will make your ears smile. (If you like your music bigger, louder, and with vocals, the Orange Winds trio also plays in the German ska band Papa SKAliente, which has just released an album called Skajazz.)

This track from Dahab Walk shows the band in Latin mode, crisp and tight and urging you to dance.

Orange Winds: "Porque No Unimos / Mexican Winds"

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