17 October 2005

Monday's mp3: Nawal - Voice of the Comoros

I'm still a little giddy from the powerful voices of five modest Tuvan ladies, the group known as Tyva Kyzy (translated, the Daughters of Tuva). Performing at the so-new-it's-not-quite-finished Arts Center at South Puget Sound Community College Saturday night, they wowed the audience with the rich stringed music, lovely harmonies, and of course the exotic sounds of overtone singing. They're the first women-only Tuvan throat-singing group, and are now headed to Oregon and California. View tour schedule. I was fortunate enough to meet the artists away from the show, and though a little weary from their tour, they were open, funny, warm, and generally delightful. I also discovered I have a Tuvan plant growing in my yard (known to me as Sea Buckthorn).

Now, with hardly time to catch my breath, I'm eagerly anticipating the Olympia appearance by Nawal. Originally from the Indian Ocean islands of Comoros off the coast of Africa, Nawal blends the music from her roots and her travels. It's a mix that's as hard to describe as the musics of Madagascar; there's just something about those African islands that produces beautiful, unique blends of musical influences. Hear it for yourself at Traditions Fair Trade Cafe in Olympia at 8pm Monday October. 24.

Monday's mp3: Nawal: "Naritsangagnihe"

Visit Nawal's website | Buy her CD Kweli

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