12 October 2005

Scratchy New Taiko

The On Ensemble wants to expand your concept of taiko. Among other things. It's not just a bunch of semi-naked men pounding on big drums, but a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional Japanese percussion music.

The LA-based On Ensemble (pronounce that "ohn") is four young musicians who take a musically and legally innovative approach to their craft. Musically, they incorporate such diverse elements as throat-singing, guitar, koto, found sounds, and turntablism. Legally, they license their music under the Creative Commons license, allowing free non-commercial sharing of their songs. In that spirit, here's one song from their newly released debut CD, Dust and Sand. The track includes a conversation between the drums and turntables - listen closely to this 21st Century taiko.

[mp3] On Ensemble: "Zeecha"

Buy the CD | On Ensemble website (contains a more free taiko downloads!)

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