26 November 2005

Afrobeat Online!

Anyone with an inkling of musical curiosity has at least heard of Afrobeat. It's the funk-drenched, politically charged Nigerian music pioneered by Fela Kuti. For some reason, lots of this anti-establishment music tends to be available for free download around the internet. Here, collected for your convenience, is a sampling:

Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra (www.antibalas.com):
You can sample and buy more Antibalas tunes at spintheglobemusic.net

Kokolo Afrobeat Orchestra (www.kokoloonline.com):
Akoya Afrobeat (www.akoyamusic.com)
Afrobeat Down (www.afrobeatdown.com)
(sorry - these are samples, not full tracks...)
Chicago Afrobeat Project (chicagoafrobeatproject.com)
Aphrodesia (www.aphrodesia.org)
Bonus Afrobeat content:
And of course, if you like these tunes, support the bands by buying their music and attending their shows! Every town and village should have an Afrobeat orchestra!
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