27 November 2005

Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards

Nobody every said that dj earball was narrow in his musical tastes. Yesterday, Afrobeat mp3s. Today, using the 2005 Canadian Aboriginal Music Award winners as a window to the Canadian music scene. I know a handful of these artists - others I'll have to find out more about. For ideas on Canadian world music groups to check out, check out Spin the Globe's "World Music from Canada" playlist. The winners:

Award: Artist CD Province
Best Female Artist: Tagaq CD: Sinaa Nunavut
Best Female Traditional/Cultural Roots Album: Asani CD: Rattle & Drum Alberta

Best Male Artist: Diga CD: Earth Is Crying Northwest Territories
Best Songwriter: Carl Quinn (Alberta) song(s): “Ni Ototem” & “Otapihkes” (from “Ni Ototem”) writer(s): Carl Quinn
Best Rock Album: Forever CD: Something to Dream Of Nova Scotia
Best Song Single: Kimberly Dawn song: Spirit of Our People Manitoba
Best Producer/ Engineer: Tagaq (Nunavut) CD: Sinaa Producer: Juan Hernandez Engineer: Jose "Triki" Trincado
Best Group or Duo: Burnt CD: Hometown Manitoba
Best Instrumental Album: Jason Burnstick & the Rhythm CD: Burn British Columbia
Best Folk Album: Little Hawk CD: 1492–1975 Manitoba
Best Album Design: Oscar Poza & Montse CD: Sinaa Nunavut Best Inuit Cultural Album Beatrice Deer CD: Just Bea Quebec
Best Fiddle Album: Ryan D’aoust CD: Southside of the Strings Manitoba
Best Blues Album: The Wolfpack CD: Family Thang Ontario
Best Pow Wow Album: Contemporary Blackstone CD: Back in the Day Saskatchewan
Best Music Video Forever song: Something to Dream Of Nova Scotia
Best Rap or Hip Hop Album: Eekwol CD: Apprentice to the Mistery Saskatchewan
Best Country Album: Hank Horton CD: Honky Tonk Heartache Blues Manitoba
Best Pow Wow Album: Traditional Painted Horse CD: Blackfoot Songs Saskatchewan
Best Hand Drum Album: Northern Cree Singers CD: Sweethearts Shuffle Alberta
Best International Album: Joanne Shenandoah CD: Skywoman New York
Best Album of the Year: Little Hawk CD: 1492–1975 Manitoba
Best Aboriginal Television Program or Special: Lisa Meeches & Kyle Irving “First Nation Invasion” Manitoba
The Keeper of Traditions: Allan Beaver
Lifetime Contribution to Aboriginal Music: Willie Dunn
Music Industry Award: Brian Wright-McLeod
Galaxie Rising Stars Award: Ryan D'Aoust

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