21 November 2005

Monday's mp3: African Thanksgiving

I'm assembling music this week for a show featuring songs of gratitude and the sacred. It's kind of an annual theme this time of year. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It has largely escaped the kind of commercialization and consumerism that marks everything from Presidents' Day to Christmas. Sure, there are the post-Thanksgiving sales. But the day itself is a day for gathering with family, expressing gratitude, sharing a meal. Okay, yes, and perhaps watching a football game. I'm grateful for another year of life, for the means and political freedom of expression to express myself in this blog and elsewhere, for my family, for growth, for music, and for countless other things.

In that spirit of gratitude, here are two African mp3s. The first comes from the audiobook version of South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu's An African Prayer Book. It's the prayer of a truck driver in Ghana.

The second is from Chants Sacres: Voix d'hommes, Voix de femmes released by Naive Records in 2000 but of which I can find no trace on the Web today. It's from a 2-CD anthology of sacred songs from many cultures, one CD of men's voices, one of women. The women's CD features everything from Marion Williams to Les Grandes Voix Bulgares - the track "Gule Wamkulu" is from women in a village in Malawi.

Monday's mp3s:
Archbishop Desmond Tutu: "My Motor Under Me Is Running Hot"
Femmes Du Village De Njombwa: "Gule Wamkulu"


Anderl said...

Just had a look at the two MP3s, links for which were provided in your article. I think, I'll come here more often in the future, this is a good site. Thanks for the good work and I hope you keep posting.

SpinTheGlobe said...

Thanks for the feedback, Andy. Hope you'll be a frequent visitor. I'm always open to feedback, suggestions, requests...