04 November 2005


me and the cast of n*w*cImage by Joits via FlickrOh, dear. Controversy in Olympia!

Yes, the new play "Nigger Wetback Chink: The Race Play" is raising a little politically correct ire and concern ("Is it okay to say these words as the title of a play?" "Is it okay for a play skewering racial stereotypes to use such terms?"). And it's therefore getting a load of free publicity.

In an interview this afternoon on KAOS radio, actors Miles Gregley, Rafael Agustin, and Allan Axibal insisted that their point was not to exacerbate racial tensions or divisions, but to drive home that there is only ONE race, the human race. "The show traces the origins and evolution of three derogatory terms that shaped our lives In doing this show we hope to de-power these words for ourselves and for our audiences. Oh yeah, and we hope you laugh your ass off, too.”

As someone who has participated in Study Circles on Race, I can only applaud the conversations that the play's title has started in the community. Though I'm still not going to be making these terms a regular part of my vocabulary.

The play is in Olympia just one night, Wednesday Nov. 9, at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts.

On Tuesday Nov. 8 from 7:30-9 p.m. the actors are holding a free workshop entitled "It Can't Be Done: Performing Material that Wasn't Meant to be Performed," also at The Washington Center. For more information, visit www.washingtoncenter.org or the play's website at www.speaktheaterarts.com
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Anonymous said...

I had the good fortune of seeing this trio in Kirland this weekend after seeing them in a workshop at Everett Community College. It was soooo wonderful. I took my 14 year old (white, privilaged) son with me, and I believe it helped open his eyes to how others view life in America. Definately a must-see! He left saying that it was awesome! Which is a huge compliment from a kid who is at that age where everything is stupid and dumb.

Anonymous said...

Dude. Choreography is perfect. Synchronization is perfect. If they messed up, you couldn't tell. Acting was perfect. This show was nothing short of incredible and hilarious. In fact, hilarious is an understatement.

Entertainment aside, the overall message of the show is powerful and deserves to be put on the airwaves and in fact, if this isn't put on the air, America is doing itself bad.

Truly, there is only one race...
...the Human Race.

Shelly said...
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Shelly said...

i just saw these three at Elon University and they were indredible- everyone watching could relate in one way or another, minorities or not- you dont have to be a "different race" to completely understand this show's ultimate message that there realy is only one.. and it is so true... everything these actors perform really hits home whether one can relat personally or not... its amazing... and the actors in general are such great people and very sincere despite the hillarity of the show.

they should get a full cntract on this for unlimited years because these problems need to be continuously addressed and what better way to address such issues than with the humor of the generation that can later stop it all together

Anonymous said...

Outstanding performance! I saw their show at Kansas State University they are amazing. I like the way they tied racial differences and commedy. A must see performance for everyone.
Thanks for a great performance NWC!

Anonymous said...

I fortunately got to see NWC at UW-Whitewater. These guys make you really think about the racial slurs that have been put upon them. Not to mention these guys are hillarious, they always keep you on your seat. Their jokes and points of view kept you on the edge of your seat and when the lighst went down, you prayed that the show wasn't done.

Anonymous said...

actually had a good message
and i acually didnt want to see the show because of the title, but im glad i did
highly recommended... laughed so hard.
these 3 guys are going places...!!!

Anonymous said...

okay this comment comes from a half venezuelan half white 13 yr. old girl, i saw ths with my 17yr.old brother and my mom, and i just have one thing to say "freakin'brilliant awsomes tplay/show ever hilarious really is an understatement, hell,best show in the universe is understatement of the galaxy" i was so happy and lucky and glad to see the thre funniest men alive(not to mention sexy ecuadoran)in their play the 18 of may most of my family. those of you who are thinking of not comming to see it will regret it because it is a good show and actually educational and emotional. it also has a very strong message inbetween its many hiarious lines. i very much rcomend seeing this once in a lifetime opportunity show it touched me as an imigrant and made me feel more proud.

oh yeah and just two words for those of you who have seen it.....