13 November 2005

Palestine on Tour

Map of Palestine during the Middle Ages accord...Ibdaa Palestinian Folkloric Dance Troupe
Friday, November 18, 2005, 8pm
Kirkland Performance Center
350 Kirkland Avenue
General Admission $15
For tickets: 425-893-9900 For info: info@adcseattle.org
Sponsored by ADC-Seattle
full tour schedule

Palestine may seem a world away, defined chiefly by the news reports of religious and military conflict with Israel. Now a national cultural tour provides a rare chance to see another side of the Palestinian people.

According to their website, Ibdaa is a grassroots organization created in 1995 to serve the children of the Dheisheh Refugee Camp, providing education, recreation and job opportunities. Ibdaa's programs include tatriz (embroidery), a girls basketball team, and a dance troupe.

The dance troupe is touring the USA through Nov. 27, hitting many major cities.

The name of the dance troupe, 'Ibdaa,' translates from Arabic as 'to create something out of nothing.' It is a sentiment the troupe founders feel captures the vibrancy and strength of the dance troupe against the oppressive backdrop of its members' origins and life in Dheisheh refugee camp.
That's from the description of a film called "The Children of Ibdaa" available from cineSmith - the film site also has more background about the troupe and the refugee camp. (cineSmith also has what sounds like a fascinating upcoming film on Aboriginal artists passing down their history and culture through traditional painting. The film is called "Singing the Milky Way" and the site says it's currently in post production.)

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Anonymous said...

I recently downloaded some mp3's ripped from a couple of Palestinian cassettes. Hey, the chances of me finding & buying those cassettes are basically nil, so...

Anyway, I was dreading that classical Egyptian stuff that my mother loves. Not so. Great music. Rootsy, powerful, energetic and accessible to Western ears.

Finding I'm losing contact with my own popular culture though. Very nicely done site.

SpinTheGlobe said...

Thanks for your visit, and your kind words. Part of my musical mission is to dispel misconceptions and stereotypes, and expose people to new sounds. That's the why of this blog. If you're interested in doing a guest posting of your Palestinian music discoveries, get in touch. I know a little Palestinian music, but not a lot. And I share your concern about downloading - SoundRoots aims to expose readers to new sounds and encourage them to buy albums. Or to share music that, like your cassettes, is unavailable because of age or obscurity.