05 November 2005

Peace in the Albanian Skies

MIG-21 jet fighterImage by MrBG via FlickrIt's good to know that some military leaders can recognize a losing proposition when it stares them in the face. Facing a vague mission against an undefined enemy, the military brass have called for a withdrawal of their military forces. Yep, they're bringing the troops home.

No, this blog is not breaking the news of the US withdrawal from Iraq. And the Albaninian decision to abandon their Soviet MIG aircraft may not have a big geopolitical impact. But you know that the families of Albanian pilots are sleeping easier now. The Albanian airforce has no ememy kills to its record, but 35 of its own pilots have perished. Now they're selling the planes cheap. If you're interested, get in touch with the Albanian Embassy (phone 202-223-4942).
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