01 November 2005

Seattle's Own Shimmering Soukous (CD Review)

WAWALI BONANE: RESOLVE (Flingshot Productions)
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Congolese singer Wawali Bonane may have found a home in Seattle, but his musical heart is clearly still in Congo (the former Zaire). You may know Bonane from the compilation Safarini in Transit: Music of African Immigrants. On this new 9-track CD, his soukous tunes burst with the signature silvery guitars hovering over Afro-Cuban rhythms. Whether of love or loss, misbehaving friends or colonialists, his songs are an invitation to dance the night away. Though he doesn't sing in English, the messages of love and good times are clear. The liner notes also include short descriptions of the songs ("We should be appreciative of our women. Men, shape up!"). As great as this CD is, you know this kind of music is even better live, so get out and see him!

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