14 November 2005

Whaddya Think?

I need to ask a favor. You found this blog. Maybe you've got it bookmarked or subscribed to the feed. Presumably you're interested in world music and global culture, SoundRoots' main topics. And I'm sure you enjoy exploring the music offered as mp3 downloads.

So please take a moment when you read a post or download a song, to leave a comment. Let's get a conversation going here. What do you like? What do you hate? Do you agree with the reviews and commentary? What bands or genres are missing?

I know many people are visiting SoundRoots, and I'm not just posting for myself. So make yourself known, even if you comment anonymously. SoundRoots isn't intended to be a monologue, but a dialogue. That means I need your help.

dj earball


Anonymous said...

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

To hell with reality! I want to die in music, not in reason or in prose. People don't deserve the restraint we show by not going into delirium in front of them. To hell with them!
Louis-Ferdinand Céline

SpinTheGlobe said...

Well, yeah. Reality as currently defined does leave something to be desired. Or redefined. You have the choice. You can choose for your reality the positive stories of people doing good over the sensationalism of Fox News. You can choose live, local music over prepackaged corporate "in thing." Home-cooked meals over fast food, farmers-market produce over processed, shipped veggies at supermarket chains. Biking over driving. Joy over despair. Building alternatives over complaining. Then grab another person and pull them into your world, and you've begun to change the dominant perception of "reality."

Enough early morning philosophy for now. I've got music to post!

Gyojo said...

Joy over Despair

Jeff- drumbike guy