08 November 2005

World Music Shuffle 10

I know that musicians and producers spend a lot of time on the order of songs on an album, but I still love that shuffle function. There's nothing like the freshness of a new juxtaposition. Somewhere in the blogosphere I ran across a posting of ten random songs from someone's iPod. I'd love to do the same, but although I'm a fan of Apple, I haven't sprung for one of the trendy contraptions yet (I do have one of another brand...). Turns out I do have a heap of music on my hard drive, however. So inspired that other blog (to which I'd gladly link if I could remember where it was...), I give you a glimpse into my own digital music collection. Let's see...iTunes, shuffle, play, and we've got:

dj earball's shuffle 10
  1. Markus James: Crossing to Koriome (from Timbuktoubab)
  2. Andrea Echeverri: Frases (from Andrea Echeverri)
  3. Mazolahy: Ka Mipoerapoera (from The Rough Guide to the Music of Madagascar)
  4. Manou Gallo: Dida (from Dida) --[Zap Mama bassist]
  5. Omar Torrez: Llorona (from Dynamisto!)
  6. Trans-Global Underground: The Sikhman and the Rasta (Alex Kasiek Remix) (remix from Impossible Broadcasting)
  7. Pink Martini: Aspettami (from Hang On Little Tomato)
  8. Hurdy Gurdy: Delirium (from Prototyp)
  9. Zuco 103: Jave (from Whaa!)
  10. Djelimady Tounkara: Teguindo (from Solon Kono)
    Ah, I feel like I've given you a little doorway into my brain. Any questions about what you saw in there?

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