30 December 2005


Another fine evening of culture in the Earball household last night, with the viewing of the delightful Bollywood offering "Bride and Prejudice." Though based on the book of almost the same name, the movie spices things up a bit with super-saturated colors, international jet-setting (India-London-LA-London-India), huge dance numbers, great music, and subtle racism. Okay, that last bit isn't spicy, and really isn't subtle. Bollywood seems set on casting light-skinned actors in leading roles, and relegating dark-skinned actors to supporting or comic-relief roles.

That aside, Bride is a greatly entertaining movie. With the dancing, the love lost and found, the annoying American turning out to be more solid than the charming Brit, what's not to like? The people are beautiful, the sound effects amusing, and the cameo by a mariachi band probably the first of its kind for a Bollywood film.

For more Bollywood explorations, information, and mp3s, check out Bollywood for the Skeptical and indiamp3.com

[mp3] Mangal Mangal from the film The Rising: The Ballad of Mangal Pandey

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Sounds interesting! Is it worth watching?