02 December 2005

Charlie Gillett, Kate Bush, Fantazia, & Me

Headed off to do some radio broadcasting this morning after a late night of editing interviews. One of them, an interview with BBC host and world music CD compiler Charlie Gillett, airs today on Spin the Globe (listen online). He talks about his selection process for the music included on the 2-CD set Sound of the World, his collection of favorite songs from 2005, and ponders his feelings about the term "world music." I'll be posting my own best-of lists soon, so take notes on the interview and compare. I'll give you one quick teaser: One of my favorite albums is the newly released Mul Sheshe by Fantazia, a half-UK, half-Algerian conglomeration that moves seamlessly from Gnawa to urban club music and back. I'll post a review and mp3 in the next couple days.

In other world music news, Peter Gabriel has been tapped as the music director of the 2006 World Cup in Germany (for which the competing countries have recently been finalized). He will be directing the international soccer/football tourney's two-hour opening extravaganza on June 6. Gabriel says he's in it for the same reasons as the players: "It's the same attraction for a musician as for a footballer - money, sex and drugs." I may have to apply for the position for the 2010 World Cup.

Oh, and for what it's worth, Kate Bush has weighed in with her favorite world music songs; you'll notice a certain UK-centricism, but it's interesting reading.
Update: Here's the link for the Spin the Globe archive of the Charlie Gillett interview

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