31 December 2005

Globalize Your New Year

I've been pondering my stats. Naw, I'm not secretly an elite athlete. I mean web stats for this site. And I'm learning amazing things. Since SoundRoots launched, we've had trackable visits from at least 120 nations. The top 10 are: USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, South Africa, and Spain.

The form in which visitors' nations appear is interesting. Most are just one word: Estonia, Cyprus, Zambia. Others are more elaborate, describing the form of government along with the country's name: Iran, Islamic Republic of; Tanzania, United Republic of; Syrian Arab Republic. Oddly concerned with its past identity is Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of. And then there's Palestinian Territory, Occupied. Even your internet name tells a bit of your national story.

In short, SoundRoots is attracting the global audience that might be expected with our emphasis on global music and culture. I hope in 2006 you'll return often, strike up conversations in the comments, and give me more suggestions for musical and cultural explorations.

Today, I leave you with one last offering for 2006, a song suitable for any new year's party. Okay, okay...two songs. Now stop bugging me and go hang out with your friends in anticipation of a better, more peaceful year to come. Happy New Year!

[mp3] Daktaris: Give It Up Turnit Loose
from the album Soul Explosion

[mp3] Baba Yaga: Back In The USSR
from the album Secret Combination

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