18 December 2005

Merry MeX-mas from El Vez

There will be no MeX-mas Shows this year.

That's the sad news from the website of the incomperable El Vez, who tells the story of Latino history through gold lame and the music of Elvis Presley. Fortunately for all of us, El Vez has a number of fine holiday offerings, celebrating the holiday Hispanic style. Er, I should say holidays plural, because he does a mean version of "The Dreidel Song" alongside his well-browned Christmas carols. Like this, his interpretation of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas."

[mp3] El Vez: Pancho Claus
from the CD Merry MeX-mas

By the way, El Vez also appears (singing "Feliz Navidad") on the new Elton John's Christmas Party CD, which is reportedly available at Starbucks stores and their website, though I could find no trace of it there. El Vez is currently in Seattle performing with Teatro Zinzanni.

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countrygrrl said...

i saw el vez at king tuts wah wah hut in glasgow....it was a fab gig, almost wrecked by the el tripping over a cable as he made his entrance and i thought for a moment he would be joining the real el in the sky for a peanut butter and banana sandwich, luckily he was able to recover his poise and treated the weegie audience to a whacky selection rivalling chico on the x factor. ta for the memories..