15 December 2005

On the @#(@% Day of Christmas...

I'll soon try to fulfil Moka's suggestion and post some audio for my Top 10 World Music CDs of 2005, but in the meantime, the clock is running and I've got all this holiday music! Lest I be caught on Boxing Day with these tunes all wrapped up but never sent, the next few days will feature some global seasonal cheer for you.

Last night I had the great good fortune to be at the Triple Door in Seattle, amid the throngs surging and swaying to the sounds of David Krakauer & Klezmer Madness with Socalled. Oy, mama! I'm not a huge fan of sampling/electronica, but these guys do it right. It certainly doesn't hurt to have the electronics accompanied by the likes of Krakauer, guitarist Sheryl Baily, and drummer Michael Sarin (pronounced "serene"!). The rest of the band was great too, but when those three are playing, it's hard to take your eyes off them to see what else is happening. Their newest CD Bubbemeises: Lies My Gramma Told Me (see SoundRoots' review) hasn't been officially released in the US yet, so find it if you can.

So, while Krakauer & Co don't do much official holiday music, another alt-Jewish band does. Check out this wicked treatment of the Sephardic song "Ocho Candelikas" by recently reviewed band Hip Hop Hoodios.

[mp3] Hip Hop Hoodios: "Ocho Candelikas"

More Hannukkah tunes en route. For the Christmas crowd, we've got a special today on Middle Eastern music in aisle B. That's B for Brothers of the Baladi, a Portland-based group you can catch live in the Portland area Dec. 23 or Dec. 31.

[mp3] Brothers of the Baladi: "We Three Kings"

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