23 December 2005

Schlepp the Halls...

As suggested by my earlier mention of the Klezmer Nutcracker, I have a certain fondness for interfaith holiday tunes. Particularly when it means a fresh approach to a worn-out Christmas carol. In 1995, Schoolkids Records released perhaps the definitive album of carol re-interpretations. Okay, maybe "fresh" isn't the word. It includes such gems as "The Inexcelsis Polka" and "That Swingin' Manger," but this track is perfect for a year in which Hanukkah begins the night of Christmas. As the sun goes down Sunday, pop this on the stereo, turn it waaaay up, and revel in the confusion on the faces of your family, be they Christian, Jewish, or none of the above. Happy holidays!

[mp3] Three Weissmen: Schlepp the Halls with Loaves of Hallah
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Anonymous said...

Hey surfin in from Amsterdam..I am REALLY enjoying this track..Im fond of klezmer music..And this adds something funny and ironic to boring x-mas carols..Thank you And enjoy xmas