17 December 2005

Vusi Mahlasela, Chrismukkah & more...

Vusi is coming! The golden voiced Vusi Mahlasela from South Africa is finally going to make an appearance in Washington - he'll be at The Triple Door in Seattle on 11 February. More on that later. For now, enjoy the melodic treat from Vusi below.

Some good and thought-provoking stuff on Intercultural Blog. Among other posts, he looks into charges that the murderous Calormenes of C.S. Lewis' Narnia books are thinly disguised Muslims (I have to admit that this crossed my mind as well when recently reading the books...).

The Seattle Times recently concluded a multi-part series on Islam in America, which makes some interesting points about fundamentalism (of all flavors), and examines the positives and negatives of increased attention to Muslims in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Speaking of Muslims, those in this area are planning the first Olympia-area mosque, as reported in The Olympian. I'd say "welcome to the neighborhood," but they've been here for years, raising families and praying at an informal Islamic Center. 'Bout time they had a real edifice.

Figgy pudding or gefilte fish? For the religiously perplexed and the incurably intermarried, there's only one place to turn when you're torn between Christmas and Hanukkah: Chrismukkah.com

Finally, the promised audio goodie:

[mp3 (actually a Quicktime .mov file)] Vusi Mahlasela:
When You Come Back
from the album The Voice

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