24 January 2006

Duo En: En-Affinity (CD Review)

Duo En: En-Affinity
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Seattle-based John Falconer and Elizabeth Falconer not only husband and wife, but are married musically as well. Their closeness is on display in this subtle, gorgeous album of duets between Elizabeth's kotos, and John's shakuhachi. Great music for background or meditation, it also bears up to active listening. The couple aren't dabblers; they have studied the music from master teachers, and have lived in Japan. And they've managed to achieve a balance between precision and relaxation in this fresh recording with ancient Japanese roots.

Duo En also has done an original film score for the 1934 Yasuriro Ozu silent film "A Mother Should Be Loved," which was debuted in Seattle at the Northwest Film Forum in February, 2005. Here's a 15-minute clip [mp3] from that film score.

More info on Duo En at www.duoen.com

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