01 January 2006

Global New Year mp3s

Even though a big chunk of the planet celebrates new year a month from now, in lunar time, today is a good day to clear out the old and look forward to the new. So here are a number of free mp3 links we've uncovered over the past year, collected for your convenience. Most were posted at sister site Spin the Globe over the course of 2005. For goodness' sake, enjoy yourself, and go buy more from the artists you enjoy - this music helps bring sanity to an often-insane world. Happy New Year!


John Powers said...

I can't resist posting so I'll be entered to win the CDs.

I found this site via Blog Africa which is great. Connecting people around the world is one of the truly exciting things about blogs.

I started a blog as a way to involve my friends in my interest in making connections with African people in advance of a birthday. In other words it had an intend limited audience and purpose. But once I was blogging I was drawn into the conversation; reading other blogs with keen interest.

Jane Hamsher at the Fire Dog Lake cracked a few months ago that one of the advantages of having a blog nobody reads is that you don't have to look things up. Funny complaint after that blog's readership swelled. The fact is that blogging does make you check. The comments and feedback make you check facts and listen to different perspectives.

LOL I'm still on a slow dial-up connection, but I'll be sure that readers of my blog know about SoundRoots. The encouragement "not just to attend sharing local and global culture, but to hold your own" is very much in line with the intention of my blog. "Create something good."

countrygrrl said...

what a find!!!!makes a change from all the elliott smith and indie bands that seem to clog up blogs...thanks for my mind expansion!!!!all the best from bonnie scotland.

SpinTheGlobe said...

Kaunda - thanks for entering - I'm looking forward to reading your conversations about Africa. What a great way to use a blog!

Countrygrrl - you're entered in the drawing as well. And thanks for your kind words. "Mind expansion" really sums it up - trying to grow your mind in new directions, not just sit and quietly be the same kind of consumer as everyone else.

David Pohl said...

really great! one thing that i enjoyed doing was
opening several songs at once + creating a random
mix of the songs. many of them sound amazingly
well together.

countrygrrl said...

I came across your blog whilst searching the net for new sounds and came across your blog..i would like to add a link to it if you don't mind..the kind of stuff you are writing and posting is right up my alley....glad you liked yiddish cup..i love this kind of thing and glad to introduce you to a new band.