02 January 2006

Monday's mp3: Go Go Gaelic

Karen Matheson is the voice of Capercaillie, the Celtic supergroup that made it cool to sing ancient Gaelic songs. Her third solo album, Downriver, was released in Europe in November.

Matheson's solo work is quite different from the Capercaillie vibe. Downriver features simple, sparse, acoustic arrangements with Donald Shaw on piano, along with Donal Lunny (bouzouki & bodhran), James Grant (guitar), James Mackintosh (percussion), Ewan Vernal (bass), and the strings of the Scottish Ensemble. But the highlight is always Matheson's wonderful voice, controlled, refined, and sublime. Apart from two songs in English, it's all about the Gaelic songs she grew up with. A beautiful album, though it would it have killed Compass Records to include song notes/translations?

To get you ready for Downriver, which will be released in the US in February, here's a cut from Capercaillie's 2003 CD Choice Language.

[Monday's mp3] Capercaillie - Who Will Raise Their Voice?
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Karen's website is www.karenmatheson.com
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