23 January 2006

Monday's mp3: Samoa Sisters-Blondie in Samoa

Back in 2002, your humble dj earball produced a 16-part radio special featuring music from every country in the world (including a few homeless or stateless nations) called "World Music A to Z." Depending on how you count, this is nearly 200 nations - some of which have little if any readily available music. The process taught me a lot about my own music collection, the global music business, and plain old geography.

This is a long and probably unnecessary prelude to today's track, which I found during that search. I don't know anything about the Samoa Sisters or their album Alofa Fa'avalea, from which this track is taken. If you know more about them, please enlighten me. But you'll recognize this classic song.

[mp3] Samoa Sisters: "The Tide Is High"


Reminder: SoundRoots' New Year Giveaway
All through the month of January 2006, anyone who leaves a non-anonymous (so we can let you know if you win!), relevant comment on SoundRoots will be entered for a chance to win the 2-CD set Sound of the World, compiled by the BBC's Charlie Gillett. Drawing will take place 1 February, and the winner will be announced here. If you don't comment, you can't win. Plus it's good karma!

Final rain update: Yesterday was officially rainless, ending Olympia's streak of consecutive days of rain at 35, exceeding the record set in 1953. We're so proud of our little raindrops!

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