01 January 2006

SoundRoots' New Year CD Giveaway

All through the month of January 2006, anyone who leaves a non-anonymous, relevant comment on SoundRoots will be entered for a chance to win the 2-CD set Sound of the World, compiled by the BBC's Charlie Gillett. Drawing will take place 1 February, and the winner will be announced here.

More information on Sound of the World, along with some streaming audio, here. Also check out this interview with Charlie Gillett, which includes music and conversation about the album.

So join the conversation, and you may get some great music for your thoughts!

Happy New Year!
dj earball


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your overview of what's new in worldmusic.Unfortunately there aren't that many blogs focussing on this... Therefore keep up the good work in 2006!

SpinTheGlobe said...

Thanks for your visit. I'm only too happy to be spreading the word about music outside of the indie-rock, major label, and Idol-pop realms. There's really such a world of music out there, and even SoundRoots just sees the tip of the iceberg. I rely in part on readers to provide suggestions and contributions for more musical directions. So I hope you visit frequently and let me know what I might be missing!

Anonymous said...

I've got the 2002 and 2003 versions of this CD set; Charlie Gillett always does a great job compiling these. Wonderful stuff!

Zeon said...

I'm way from Vietnam, so it's very interesting for me to get to know more music around the world. Since it's very hard to find information about this genre on the internet, this blog has become unique and helpful in its very own way, so keep on spreading your love for world music!