22 January 2006

We Play With Mom - in Czech (CD Review + mp3s)

Hradistan & Jirí Pavlica: Hrajeme si u maminky (We Play With Mom) (Indies)

The Czech label Indies Records has fingers in many musical pies, from traditional folk to experimental rock. This is the first kids' album I've heard from them, and it's a charmer. Accessible without sounding watered down, the 37 (yep, 37!) short songs include adult and kid voices with simple, catchy melodies. The songs are organized by season: zima (winter), jaro (spring), leto (summer), podzim (fall), along with four ukolebavky (lullabies). The words are from a book by Jirina Rakosnikova, I'd be singing along if I knew some Czech. The lyrics are included, but no translations or song summaries, as the album is apparently intended for a domestic audience.

[mp3] Hradišťan: "Měsíce"
[mp3] Hradišťan: "Já mám koně"

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