20 January 2006

Yawo (from Togo) Live!

Listen in to Spin the Globe today from 10am to noon Pacific Time, for a special live in-studio musical appearance. Need enticement? Here's some:

[mp3] Yawo & LFA: "Ayelevi No"

Yawo the band leader is originally from Togo, Africa. Yawo the band is a multicultural conglomeration with roots in Brazil, Senegal, China, and the USA as well as West Africa.

Yawo's album "Take Out The Fences" is available on CDbaby, complete with more song samples. Here's how they describe themselves:

Our goal is to share a multicultural story with the world. Our journey originated in places such as Togo (West Africa), Brazil, Senegal, China, and the USA. A reflection of our experiences and travels in life, this music finds its inspiration in the traditional Agbadja-a style made of complex 6/8 rhythmic patterns- of the EWE tribe of Togo. While the main pillars of the songs are in Africa, the sound of Yawo is as open as a parachute, and carried by the winds of the myriad of musical cultures that make the band. With influences ranging from Fela Anikulapo Kuti to Miles Davis and Youssou N'dour to Sting, the flavor of this music is enhanced by the Brazilian ingredients of Eliezer Freitas Santos, the mbalax of Ghana M'baye and the jazzy tones of Stephen Kung. As some in the twin cities are already saying, this is world music with an Afro-Brazilian attitude; it's a cry for peace and freedom that can only be heard if-as the great guitar player would say- we "let the music speak for itself".

Rain update: Yawo will have to dodge record-breaking raindrops on his way to the KAOS studios today -- Olympia is on its 34th consecutive day of rain. Today's early-morning torrents broke the 1953 record of 33 days, and more rain is expected Saturday. Remember that old Olympia Beer motto? "It's the water..."

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