09 February 2006


While I admit my deep and abiding disinterest in mainstream award shows, here are the ethnic/world Grammy winners (click links for song samples & more info).

Toure and Diabate? Makes sense. While it's not exactly adventurous, the album finds the great Malian guitarist and kora player doing what they do best - creating beautiful, intricate melodies. While I like Gilberto Gil, I haven't heard "Eletracustico," so I can't comment on it (though didn't it come out in 2004?). I have other ideas for best contemporary world music album, however (see SoundRoots' Top 10 Albums of 2005). And it doesn't take much imagination to list other great reggae albums (though they come without that persuasive Marley moniker...).

Finally, let's be honest: compilation albums should not be in the running. Plenty of Hawaiian and Native American artists/groups have released great albums, but the award's glory is diluted when it goes to a compilation, and makes it feel like a token to these "fringe" categories.

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