27 February 2006

Monday's mp3: Mardi Gras!

Wild Magnolias Mardi Gras IndiansImage via WikipediaJust in time for tomorrow's culmination of the Mardi Gras season, we've got your soundtrack. SoundRoots previously has featured music from the Wild Tchoupitoulas; now it's the turn of my favorite Mardi Gras "Indian band," the Wild Magnolias.

Few of their albums are widely available, with the exception of 1999's Life Is a Carnival. So I offer you something very special, a track from a self-titled album released in 1993 by Barclay France. The Wild Magnolia Tribe is led by Theodore Emile "Bo" Dollis (he's held the position since 1964!), and he's joined on the album by the rest of the tribe plus Golden Eagle Tribe Chief Joseph Pierre "Monk" Boudreaux. How about that for intertribal cooperation? This song normally has a longer title, but when you mention saints and New Orleans, there's really only one song that leaps to mind, right?

[mp3] The Wild Magnolias: "Saints"

For more on the Mardi Gras Indian Tribes' chants, check out this site. The official Wild Magnolias site provides three more songs for creating your own Mardi Gras, wherever you are:

[mp3] The Wild Magnolias: "Herc-Jolly-John"
[mp3] The Wild Magnolias: "Battlefield"
[mp3] The Wild Magnolias: "Handa Wanda (original version)"

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