20 February 2006

Monday's mp3: The Third Planet Dancing

I know little about the band The Third Planet, though I picked up their self-titled CD a few years back on the strength of the back-cover blurb
The Third Planet is a virtual United Nations of world class musicians from Italy, North Africa and Asia. From their source traditions they create joyous new hybrids that vaporize the cultural borders between East and West.

Well, yeah, okay. It's fusion.

While I was able to find a band website that includes some information on the artists and other albums, the discography there does not include this album, at least not with the same cover. Ah, confusion and mystery. At least the music is robust and fun, kind of a mixture of rai and ragga. The band includes Nazar (saaz, vox), Smail Kouider Aissa (keyboards, vox), Maurizio Dami (keyboards, programming), Rashmi V. Bhatt (tablas, vox), and Paolo Casu (percussion.)

[mp3] The Third Planet: "Baghdad Rai"
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