01 March 2006

Don't Download This MP3...

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan had one of the most stunning and distinctive voices in the history of recorded music. We're posting a song of his today to whet your appetite, but that's not our main objective.

SoundRoots spends untold hours listening to music from around our planet and culling the best, most interesting, and most unusual sounds for your ears and information for your mind. Yet, we feel the stirrings of dissatisfaction. Why? Because despite the thousands of visitors and the clear eagerness for the music and information, there's a certain silence.

SoundRoots is neither a lecture nor a sugar daddy. It's a place for discovery and conversation, for sharing stories of the unity of humankind, objections to stereotypes and shallow thinking, and, yes, amazing music and singing from all over the world.

Without the water of your comments and the sunshine of your thoughts, SoundRoots will wither and die.

So don't download this mp3...at least not without leaving even your brief (anonymous, if you're shy) thoughts on this song or Nusrat or qawwali, or a cultural observation, or a question about some artist or some flavor of world music.

[mp3] Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: "Mustt Mustt"
more music from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

[yet more]: The flood of interest in this track and Nusrat compells me to add a little more info. "Mustt Mustt" is one of Nusrat's most famous songs, and so was a key candidate for a big of remixing. That's what it got on the posted track, a Massive Attack remix from the album Mustt Mustt (Real World Records, 1990).

In the making of 'Mustt Mustt', Nusrat embarked upon an exploration of various Western styles and rhythms, to which he brought his own Asian approach. The Pakistani musicians from Nusrat's Party are accompanied by guitarist Robert Ahwai (West Indies), bassist Darryl Johnson (USA) and percussionist James Pinker (New Zealand). Produced by Michael Brook, who also plays guitar, the album is a unique meeting of international talent.

Real World, by the way, has a nice site about Nusrat's legacy, including lyrics and audio (the site has nearly hidden navigation: click on the leaves). More info on the album, including album notes, available here.
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