17 March 2006

Happy St. Patrick's War

Er, I mean Happy St. Patrick's Day. It's just that on the third anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, I find my nation's leaders with war still on their minds, their militant talk now aimed at Iran. Perhaps they should take a moment to ponder a bumper sticker I saw today, one which summed up current US foreign policy (and its failures) in one distressingly concise sentence:

We're making enemies faster than we can kill them.

I know, I know: That doesn't help make your St. Paddy's Day any happier. Perhaps a little music will. Just posted is the archive of today's Spin the Globe, featuring Irish and Celtic music, along with new world music releases. For the next week, you can listen or download it.

And if you need a sunnier take on Iran, you could do worse than the marvelous new album The Rhythm of Speech II: Musical Conversations, which brings together a dozen musicians from Iran, India, and Mali on two CDs and a DVD. Someone needs to pop this into the Oval Office stereo system, and President Bush might find himself with a slightly more nuanced opinion of Iranians. And other foreigners.

Have a peaceful day.

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