20 March 2006

Monday's mp3: Springtime Cha Cha

Brazil and Scotland don't share much common culture, much less a common climate. But that doesn't stop Scottish band Mac Umba from making a joyful noise by joining the musics of the two lands.

Highland pipes with cuica? Timbales with Celtic whistles? It's so crazy, it just might work. The eight-member band (three pipers, five percussionists), which started as a batucada group, added pipes to their music to appear "more traditional" when playing at a football (soccer) game. The blend stuck, and on this 1999 album, they plunge into a storm of high-energy tunes as well as ballads and even the Brazilian classic "Asa Branca."

[mp3] Mac Umba: "Springtime Cha Cha"
from the album BruHuhaho

Happy Spring! (and to my southern friends, happy Autumn!)
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