16 March 2006

Naing Naing: Toothbrush Fever (CD Review)

Not really "world music," but music very much music of the world, Toothbrush Fever is a blend of field recordings and manipulated sounds that defies description yet is strangely compelling. Is a Czech cement mixer more sonically pleasing than one from elsewhere? You may find out on "Le Coq Megalo," where it shares earspace with a "pretentious" rooster. Then there's the insectoid "Wasp Tabla," drippy "Ice Cube Music #2," and the hygienic title track "Brosse A Danse," or toothbrush dance music. Naing Naing (aka sound manipulator Francois L'Homer) really has something here. I'm just not sure what it is.

Listen to some complete songs:
[mp3] Naing Naing: "Brosse A Danse/Toothbrush Dance Music"
[mp3] Naing Naing: "Mi Ma La Bu / Generator Music"
[mp3] Naing Naing: "Greensleeves"
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