02 March 2006

Restoring Faith in Blogkind...

And suddenly, dj earball feels like maybe there is an Easter bunny after all. Thanks to the SoundRoots readers who responded to the last post, which I will refer to as a request for acknowledgment, not a plea for attention. I hope that even those of you who get here via feed/newsreader will drop by in person now and then to leave a comment or question. It's encouraging knowing you're out there.

The comments on Nusrat made me a bit jealous; I never got to see him in person. He came through Boston when I lived there, but at the time I had only a vague idea who he was. Sigh. At least he left plenty of recordings, and a great legacy in the form of a new generation of qawwali singers.

DouglasLong asked: "I enjoy all artists that can do just what you are asking your readers to do: share, sample, respond, communicate. NFAK is one of the world's best examples of this. What other artists can you think of that participate with their colleagues and listeners in the same way?" It's a good question. And while I don't think mainstream pop/rock artists are necessarily all about ego, it seems that many more "world" artists are eager to collaborate, share, teach, and give back to their community/nation. Of course, many "world" artists have lived through a birth, or re-birth of their nation, and the immediate needs of the people are hard to ignore.

I think of what Eliseo Parra is doing to document the music of the Iberian peoples. Then there's globetrotting Bob Brozman, who through collaboration has brought attention to many little-known musicians and traditions. I could go on, but who do you think of?

And thanks very much to KayT for the heads up on the stunning people-with-animals photographs of Gregory Colbert at ashesandsnow.org - definitely worth a visit. The installation with music sounds sublime. Admirers of Djivan Gasparyan's music should also check out his new album with Hossein Alizadeh called Endless Vision.

By the way, the BBC World Music Award winners have been announced. They include Amadou & Mariam (Best Album, Best in Africa), Ry Cooder (Best in America), Konono No. 1 (Best Newcomer), and Fanfare Ciocarlia (Best in Europe). The audience award will be announced at a concert April 7. Read all about it at bbc.co.uk

Thanks for restoring my faith in blogkind. Drop by again soon, wontcha?

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