28 April 2006

Crammed Discs: DIY Brazilian Remixes

Remixes seem a mandatory part of many world music releases these days, whether you're Baaba Maal or Varttina. Some remixes are label-authorized, some spring from the mind of creative folks with secret sources for the needed vocal and instrumental tracks. For everyone else, here's a chance to try a remix of your own. Crammed Discs is having a remix contest, offering raw tracks by Brazilian artists Cibelle, DJ Dolores, and Apollo Nove under a Creative Commons license.

The artists themselves will select the three best remixes of their songs, and the nine winners will be sold on CD and digitally. Your chance for fame!

"This is what every intelligent musician should do. The idea is to share and allow one's work to be cut up, reinvented and — who knows — transformed into something even better than the original. This isn't about generosity; it's about inventing new ways of creating musical products that go well beyond the world of physical carriers like vinyl and CDs."
DJ Dolores

The tracks available are Apollo Nove's "Yage Cameras" (from his album Res Inexplicata Volans), Cibelle's "Noite de Carnaval" (from her About A Girl EP), and DJ Dolores' "Sanidade" (from his album Aparelhagem).

Download the tracks and read more about the remix contest at ccmixter.org/crammed. And feel free to send your remix to SoundRoots!

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