07 April 2006

Drums. Festivals. Drum Festivals.

Festivals and rumors of festivals today.

Seattle World Rhythm Festival Update: Northwest music fans mourning the hiatus of the World Rhythm Festival are breathing a sigh of relief. While the big weekend-long festival won't be back until April 2007, a group of rhythmheads has gotten together to do a one-day rhythm festival. The 2006 Seattle Rhythm Festival takes place at the Seattle Center on Saturday July 15. They're still looking for more help; to volunteer or for more info see this website.

World Sacred Music Festival, Olympia: The schedule for this second-annual festival -- being held May 13 from 10am-9pm -- has just been posted to the festival website. The wide array of sacred artists includes Gamelan Degung Girijaya, Mukana Marimba, Doug Bridges Didgeridoo Ensemble, Urvassi Dance Company, Linda Waterfall, World Meditation Ensemble, RagDharma, New Life Church Mass Choir, Modibo Traore, and more, along with workshops on songwriting, throat-singing, and marimba. Details on the festival's artists page. (That's a picture of Urvassi on the right.)

A Flock of Drummers: If you're really, really into drumming, specifically drum set, you won't want to miss Woodstick 2006. You can read a bit about the history of Woodstick, or just show up with your drum set at Qwest Field Events Center on Saturday May 13. They're trying to break the old record of 502 assembled drum sets. Oh, and you might want to bring earplugs.

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