06 April 2006

International Songwriting Winners

The 2005 International Songwriting Competition winners are out, and you can listen/download the winning songs in a variety of genres including world, children's, electronica, blues, folk, and more.

World category winners:
  1. Selasee of Ghana for "Run" (featured on SoundRoots back in December)
  2. Chiwoniso Maraire of Zimbabwe for "Rebel Woman" (was born and raised here in Olympia!)
  3. Ngalah Davis (Yunasi) of Kenya for "Ji Opogore" (I know absolutely nothing about this artist. I'll let you know what I can find out.)
Thanks for the leads on Saudi artists following yesterday's post. I've not only learned of some singers to research, but also that some Muslim cleric in Saudi has issued a fatwa against ironing women's pants. Not, oddly, against the making or wearing of pants -- whether wrinked or pressed -- but against the act of ironing them. One man's fatwa is another man's puzzlement.

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