05 April 2006

The Missing Music of Saudi Arabia

Had a request last week for music from Saudi Arabia, and I'm coming up short. Wikipedia has only a brief entry on Music of Saudi Arabia, and I have but one song from the mentioned artists. It was part of the World Music A-Z project mentioned in an earlier post.

So what's the story with Saudi music? Other nations with conservative Muslim governments seem to still produce plenty of music. Egypt is a is a musical hotbed, Iraq and Iran consistently produce both traditional and pop hits. What's different about Saudi Arabia? Your opinions, conjectures, and facts are welcome on this topic.

In the meantime, I share this Saudi song with you, a live recording by Talal El Maddah (aka Talal Maddah) that is known only as "Song 1," because the title on the album appears in a language SoundRoots' crack team of translators just can't grasp.

[mp3] Talal El Maddah: "Song 1"
From the 1990 album The Best of Talal El Maddah
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