18 April 2006

Where You're From....

SoundRoots has been around less than a year, but has attracted a diverse following from all over the planet. We know this from comments, emails, and from those handy site statistics. So who's interested in a blog about world music and global culture? The top 25 visiting nations are currently:
  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Germany
  5. France
  6. Netherlands
  7. Spain
  8. Australia
  9. Italy
  10. Belgium
  11. Sweden
  12. Brazil
  13. Turkey
  14. Poland
  15. Mexico
  16. India
  17. Japan
  18. Morocco
  19. South Africa
  20. Switzerland
  21. Singapore
  22. Portugal
  23. Peru
  24. Norway
  25. Hungary
It's great to have such a diverse following. Hope many of you will feel inspired to leave a comment now and then about what you enjoy, or what you'd like to hear or read about on SoundRoots.

A word on world maps: In recently reading about world maps, SoundRoots learned a dizzying amount about various two-dimensional projections of our three-dimensional world. You may know, as did we, that many world maps badly distort the relative sizes of lands. One of the classic examples is Greenland, which is often show as large or larger than Africa, when Africa is actually about 14 times the size of Greenland. There is no one "accurate" world map -- not in two dimensions, anyway. But we like the maps that correct for relative area (like the Winkel Tripel projection shown above), even if they have other flaws. We're also a fan of the "upside-down" world map, that shows the south pole on top. Good for shaking up those entrenched cartographical notions. For much, much more on world maps, check out Cartographical Map Projections.

And yes, we have some geography-related music for you. Magic Black Men are a Malian rap group formed in 1996 by Attino "Philo" Doumbia, Hamidou "Don Mizero" Cissé (aka Mizé), and Titi. They sing in both French and English (Mizé grew up in English-speaking Liberia) and released a couple cassettes on Mali's Invasion Records. Not sure what they've been up to lately. Bonus points if you can pin Bamako City on the world map.

[mp3] Magic Black Men: "Bamako City"

Oh, and check out a new blog in town, ...Nothing Else Matter! --
"dedicated to making the world a better place by providing free access to the best of international music, art, and culture." Only up a couple weeks, but shows promise.


Anonymous said...

you can put Romania on your visitors' map as well!

SpinTheGlobe said...

Thanks, Paula. I've yet to find a comprehensive visitor map that I like (and is cheap/free) but it would have pins stuck in most every country in addition to the top 25 listed. Not just Romania, but (just in the last 20): Slovakia, Ethiopia, Israel, Sweden, South Africa, Macedonia, Korea... I've even had visitors from such unlikely spots as Greenland, Cuba, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia -- even people living with war or oppression or political/geographical isolation need good music!