02 April 2006

World Music Top 10 - April 2006

SoundRoots / Spin the Globe Top 10 Albums
April 2006

1. Hazmat Modine: Bahamut
2. Djelimady Tounkara:
Solon Kono
3. Fantazia:
Mul Sheshe
4. Ugarte Anaiak:
5. Word-Beat:
The Soul Dances
Anga: Echu Mingua
7. Salif Keita:
8. Sergio Mendes:
9. Richard Bona:
10. Toumani Diabate & Ali Farka Toure:
In the Heart of the Moon

I've cheated a little in this month's Top 10: Two of the albums -- by Richard Bona and Salif Keita -- actually won't be officially released for weeks (or months).... Will report back soon on Les Ballets Africains -- they're currently on tour, and I'll be seeing their show this afternoon at the Washington Center here in Olympia.

Other notes: Today's New York Times has an interesting article on Wu Man, touching on her early training and the new music she heard upon arriving in the US.

"Before the United States, there was so much I hadn't heard," she said. "I had never heard jazz. I never heard John Cage, Philip Glass, all those American composers. Never heard Indian music. I had heard Bollywood music, but the sitar, that sort of stuff, really very new."


jmasterson said...

Wow, it's cool to see Word-Beat: The Soul Dances on your list. Where did you hear it? I actually booked Tom Teasley and Charles Williams to peform live in my neighborhood and got the CD right out of the box from the production company.

Talk about the unexpected! My first time through was like getting lost down a strange new street and discovering this awesome, funky neighborhood. When I spun it my kids stopped playing and started jumping up and down and dancing.

Charles dishes out these African proverbs -- lots of good wisdom. Tom pours on layers of rhythm. Food for thought, a beat for dancing, spicy flavors from all over the world. If you're up for the house special over vanilla, you'll be glad you tried this, too.

SpinTheGlobe said...

I'd like to say I discovered Word-Beat in some wonderfully random and organic fashion. In truth, it was sent to me for radio airplay on my show Spin The Globe. But once I popped in in the CD player, I knew it was something special. I'm hoping to see them perform live sometime, but until then at least I have this wonderful album of funky Jewish gospel. Or spiritual African funk. Or whatever.