10 May 2006

MP3 Mantras & Sacred Sounds

Don't have a lot of time for ranting this morning, so we'll let the music do the talking. Many of these have a sacred theme. As mentioned earlier, sacred world music is on our mind with the approach of the May 13 World Sacred Music Festival. Several of the links lead to more free mp3s, so explore.

[mp3] FESO: "Tadzungaira"
From a Vancouver, Canada based troupe comes this traditional Zimbabwean song with a plea for direction: "We are wondering, lost souls in this world, Chaminuka and those spirits under please guide us tadzungaira..."

[mp3] Shabava: "Lama Bada"
From the Portland, Oregon group Shabava, which plays Persian and Arabic music.

[mp3] Kazem al-Saher: "Esh Jabrak 'Ala Elmorr"
His music is rich with the melodies, rhythms, and complex sonic textures of Arabic classical music, but at the same time, his compositions are strikingly contemporary, and his superb voice and good looks have helped to make him a pop icon throughout the Arabian Gulf, the Middle East and beyond.

[mp3] Kane Mathis: "Midnight Meditation"
Kane Mathis is a Seattle-based artist more known for his playing of the West African kora. But he also plays a mean oud, as shown on this track.
www.issaboulos.com or www.kairarecords.com

[mp3] Yamuna with George Harrison: "Govinda"
From the album The Rada Krishna Temple, produced by George Harrison and recorded at Apple Studios in London (1970).

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